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Egger Eurospan

After Egger's chipboard and melamine faced chipboard factory in Romania entered into service, Europe's leading wood based panels manufacturer Egger started supplying raw chipboards (Eurospan) and melamine faced chipboards (Eurodekor) for the Turkish market with competitive prices. As Seger Orman Urunleri, we continue to supply all Egger products as  the main and the leading distributor of EGGER since 2008, today subsequent to the investments of Egger Company in Turkey, we work as the biggest dealership of Egger Orman Urunleri.

We provide all our customers Egger E1 CE Rawboards in standard Egger rawboard dimensions; 2070 X 2800mm and 2070 X 5600mm in all thicknesses.

You may find more detailed information on different types of Egger Eurospan for specially manufactured for use in various application areas in our Seger orman Urunleri Website, under the EGGER RAWBOARDS, EGGER FLOORING BOARDS, EGGER 2000 THIN CHIPBOARDS pages.

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